Progressive Club
4101 Washington Avenue
Newport News, Virginia 23607
Last update 11/10/2014


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The Progressive Club was started in 1928 by a group of supervisors and lead men as away to create harmony on the job , by getting to know each other off the job. In today’s changing times, this is still one of our goals of our club to create harmony and get to know each through fellowship and networking. The Club is comprised of about 325 members, including retires. We put on three outings a year and 1 Banquet, all events are held at Knights of Columbus in Newport News. Our Dues are $45 a year or you can have a trial membership for an outing for the cost of $15 (not including banquet). You need to be Salary or retired salary to join the club. We The Progressive Club look forward to hearing from you.
Please Contact : Kenny McBurney at 757-380-3659. 
Alternate contacts Loria Mooneyham at 757-534-4559 or Buddy Eagle at 757-688-3850    

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