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Apprentice Alumni - Habitat for Humanity 01/22/11

Saturday was a bit chilly but it was a very productive day. The group installed the hurricane clips and all of the plywood on the roof. We also put tar paper down so the roofers are ready to install the shingles. A large amount of trash and debris was cleaned up on the site. (A whole dumpster was nearly full at the end of the day.)


To the Habitat coordinators: Thank you for all of your time and dedication that you so graciously give to a great cause!


To the Alumni volunteers: Thank you for coming out and displaying the true “BUILDER” spirit. You came out in rather unfavorable weather but you stepped up and made a difference in someone else’s life. The family was very appreciative of all of the hard work. If enough people are interested, I may coordinate another “Builder” day when they get ready for drywall or perhaps paint?? Thanks again for making a difference  


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