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The October 26th, 2008 Inaugural Cardboard Regatta was a Success
The following is the recap from the Chief Marshal and Judge, Jim Long…………...
Thanks to our Volunteers                Regatta Video  Windows Media Audio/Video file 110 MB
The Paper Tiger (#7) started out the race in first, but the Fabricator (#5) was able to pass around the 1st buoy and eventually win the race. The Paper Tiger ended up in 3rd place after a strong 2nd place by U.S.S. CATIA v4 (#6). The U.S.S. Corrugated Minnow was the first to sink right at the start, closely followed by the USS UN-SOG-ABLE. The USS UN-SOB-ABLE was able to right itself and eventually finish the race. The U.S.S. Corrugated Minnow was the only boat that did not finish the race. We are thankful to the spectators, volunteers, and participants who really got into the spirit and fun of the event. There are two (2) more regatta promotional opportunities we are working on at Trades Day and the Oyster Bowl. If you want to see some of the boats, or remains of them, or have time to volunteer at these events, please contact Tracey Naumann. Contributors were generous and we are excited about the opportunity to present the proceeds from this event to the Shriners Hospitals for Children at the Oyster Bowl. We also have some terrific pictures that we hope to have posted soon.
 Team #1, "Team Sasquatch"
Boat Name: "300 Pounds of Diplomacy"
Captain: David Tilman, Oarsman: Pat Krystyn
MEMBERS: Dan Brookman, Todd Estes, Sally Krystyn, Bob Leber, Jim Hughes, Frank Satchell, Jacob Verbeck, Bruce White
Team Spirit
Team #2, "The USS UN-SOG-ABLE" 
Boat Name: "USS UN-SOG-ABLE"
Captain: Tom Gentry, Oarsman: Tracey Naumann
MEMBERS: Philip Boyer, Rob Lewis Jr, John Fitzgerald, Michael Foster, Granny Gentry, Gary Wilkins,  Bob Drury
Best Dressed
Team #3, "Team Nile Crocodile"
Boat Name: "Nile Crocodile"
Captain: John Slade, Oarsman: Reggie Vessels
MEMBERS: Kate Hudson, Romeo Crisologo, Geoff Gore, Sandy Harper, Chuck Grady, Todd Oakes, Brian Howell, Johntrell Scott,
Team #4, "Marty's Sychos"
Boat Name: "BB78 Berserker"
Captain: Mike McClenney, Oarsman: Chris Guthrie
MEMBERS: Daniel Cosby, Marty Sykes, David McCulloch,  Scott Toney, Patrick Collins, Timothy Haas, Jody Thornburg
Race Winner
Team #5, "Cashes Crew"
Boat Name: "The Fabricator Most"
Captain: Josh Waters, Oarsman: Josh Waters
MEMBERS: Mike Hogan, Carl Emmett, Joe Maddox, Tom Taylor, Thomas Davis, Justin Fisher, Carolyn Taylor,  John Taylor, Jim Cash
Team #6 "The Bulkhead Betty's"
Boat Name: CATIA V4
Captain: Stephen T. Carter, Oarsman: Stephen T. Carter
MEMBERS: Doug Black, Mary Burkholder, Vicki Drury, James Mack, Lynne Porter, Kevin Prussia, Andrew Schliche, Diana Villareal, Zane Zigmund
Team #7 "E24 ALRE"
Boat Name: "Paper Tighter"
Captain: Chuck Smith , Oarsman: Bobby Coulter
MEMBERS: Nick Brady, Matt Burris, Craig Florschuetz, Aaron Park, Sean Sullivan
Team #8 "E46"
Boat Name: Flying Dutchman
Captain: Brian Utne, Oarsman: Brett Carson
MEMBERS:  J.P. Christein, Steve Hoppe, Bill Rinehart, Doug Stock, Kevin Tooke, Bruce Utne, Deborah Wallington
Ugly Duckling
Team #9, Bear-ly Afloat
Boat Name: Bear-ly Afloat
Captain: Ken Keeter, Oarsman: J.C. Blockey
MEMBERS: Brandon Cline, Lauren Griffin, Travis Kimmins, Laird Nickels, Zach Patterson
Team #10 Academic Wonders
Boat Name: USS Academics
Captain: Tony Jones,, Oarsman: Liz Moriarty
MEMBERS: Dr. Jim Hughes, Nicole Boney-Sharpe, Dr. Alicia Uzzle, Stan Best, BJ Vereen, Patrice Gwynn, , Steve Hall, Mike Hall, Charlie Brown
Afloat First to Sink
Team#11, The Little Captains
Boat Name: U.S.S. Corrugated Minnow
Captain: Chris Bryans Oarsman: Chris Bryans
MEMBERS: Art Bittner, Jeffy Brady, Troy Allen, Chris Brown, Kenny Denton, Glen Dewey, Nathan Greene, Joe Keffer, Ralph Fish
T-Shirt entrees
Boyer, Philip E. E51
Peterman, G. J. M53
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