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2010 Cardboard Regatta August 28th E-mail

The October 18th, 2009 2nd Annual Cardboard Regatta was a Success
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Team: Sasquatch
Boat #1 "U.S.S. Beast2"
Team Captain: Vince Warren
Oarsmen: Todd Estes and Pat Krystyn
Members: Dr. Robert Leber, Dan Brookman, Dave Tilman, Bruce White, Sally Krystyn, Dave Davenport, and Frank Satchell
First to Finish - Multiple Oarsmen "Crew Chase"
Overall Winner - "Structural Integrity"
Team: Apprentice Alumni Association
Boat #2 "USS Monitor II"
Team: Captain: Tom Gentry
Oarsman: Aimee Gentry
Members: Sherri Christensen, Bob Drury, Aimee Gentry, Brian Gentry, "Granny" Virginia Gentry, Van Gentry, Rob Lewis, Lynne Porter, and Joe Sabol
Team: Soggy Bottoms
Boat #3 "The Argo"
Team Captain: Samuel Griffin
Oarsmen: Jerry Hashagen, Samuel Griffin, and Andrew Butler Members: Eric Twum-Ampofu, Kim Burger, Eddie Hogge, Craig Walton, Andrea Plummer, David Wick, and Jake Verbeck
Frist to Sink - Multiple Oarsmen "Crew Chase"
Overall Winner - "Children's Spirit"
Team: Marty's Sykos 
Boat #4 & 5 Cold Feet
Team Captain: Chris Guthrie
Members: Marty Sykes, Tommy Underwood, David McCulloch, Mike McClenney, Tony Guarino, Patrick Collins, Timothy Haas, Penny Owney, and Jody Thornburg
Team: The Academics
Boat #6 "USS Academics II"
Team Captain: Mike Hall and Tony Jones
Oarsmen: Liz Moriarty
Members: Gil Adams, James Hughes, Mark Costa, David Beckley, Patrice Gwynn, Nicole Boney-Sharpe, Stan Best, Garry Carter, Alicia Uzzle, Steve Hall, Charlie Brown, and April Andrews
Team: Topsiders
Boat #7 "USS Lynne North American"
Team Captain: John Kaminski
Oarsmen: Bobby Emerick and John Kaminski
Members: Andrew Hinton, Tim Webster, Steve Gulick, Chris Richardson, Nick Tessarolo, Joe Best, Renae Myles, and Chuck Grady
First to Finish - Single Oarsman - "Outback Sprint"
Oarsman: John Kaminski
First to Finish - Single Oarsman - "Marathon Maniac"
Oarsman: Bobby Emerick
Overall Winner - "Best Dressed"
Exhibition Boat #1 "SeaBisquit" aka "The Widowmaker" brought to you by the Apprentice Alumni Association team
Designer: Tom Gentry Rider: Jerry Hashagen
Exhibition Boat #2 "Antill's Renovations" brought to you by Steve Antill and Robert McDonald
Designer: Steve Antill Oarsman: Robert McDonald aka "Half Naked Man"

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