Apprentice School SME Scrapbook
  • March 17th: Tour of Liebherr Manufacturing in Newport News

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    Those attending the Liebherr tour on March 17th. The tour was sponsored by the Apprentice student chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).


    D. Mark Brown (E51) (Alumnus) Luke Chandler (E65) James P. Healy(Alumnus), MCON, Apprentice student chapter SME Christopher K. Keatts (O84 /E06) (Member, Apprentice) Tracey A. Naumann (E51/E06), Chairman, Apprentice student chapter SME,  David L. Powell (E24/ E06) (Member, Apprentice) Rich Resa (X10) Ray Sperle (X10) (Past Chairman, SME Chapter 217) Zach Waynick (X43) (Apprentice) Kenny Weeks (E38/E06) (Apprentice)

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